Using technology to solve business problem

This assignment is of the Business Information Systems module, focus on using technology to solve business problem, not technical side. The report needs to cover below 3 sections.

Project Background (around 400 words)
• A Hong Kong based sports retailer, which sells hundreds of styles of different brands, including apparel, footwear, and sports equipment
• The company has 10 retail stores in Hong Kong
• Suggested to use RFID technology to solve below 2 problems (based on the findings from literature review)

Business Problems (around 800 words)
1) Problems are identified by studying company’s data
2) Poor accuracy of shop inventory, vary from 75-83% for each shop
3) Not all items are shown on the shop floor
When the salesperson forgot to refill the item after it is sold, its stock will remain hidden and being discovered during the semi-annual stocktake. Thus, the shop missed the best time to sell them.
Remarks: May add some other problems if you can think of

Requirements for the Literature Review (at least 4,200 words)
• Review 6 literatures
• The literatures should be focus on below areas:
1) Use RFID to solve the problems similar to those mentioned above (provide a brief description of RFID that can be understand by business people)
2) Successful cases, such as Macy’s (provide at least 2 cases)






































Sample Solution