Vending Machine Retail

One of the more neglected retail formats is VENDING MACHINES. Vending machines are automated
machines that typically provide items such as snacks and beverages. Although, recent trends in vending
machines have included personal items, cigarettes, lottery tickets, baked goods, meals, newspapers and
postcards, cannabis, and more. It is reported that vending machines, on average, earn $5-$100 depending
on location, product assortment, and recurring business expenses. Vending machines have also evolved
(though at a slower pace) and ever more equipped with newer technologies to increase consumer
interaction and engagement. In this task, I am going to ask you to create a VENDING MACHINE for a
store of your choice. You may choose from one of 10 stores listed below.
To date, we have learned about variety of consumer behavior techniques and best practices. Taking into
account the previous modules that we have covered, your task is to develop a prototype for a vending
machine for your store. I encourage you to think beyond the traditional perception of vending machines to
much more (the next generation vending machine). Complete this exercise in TWO pages. In page 1,
please provide a “visual template” of the vending machine (don’t just think about traditional ways of
creating a vending machine, be innovative!). In page 2, please prepare a discussion using the terms and
concepts that we have covered in the lecture to justify the development of your prototype.
Please bold the terms that you use from the lecture.

Sample Solution