Veterinary Computer Software

Select two different brands of veterinary management software. Research each software brand, paying
attention to the items in the following list, then write a research paper that compares and contrasts the two
software brands, including (but not limiting your writing to) the following information:
-Names of the two brands of software that you’ve chosen, and a brief description of each of them
-Information about the companies who make the software
-What are some benefits for a practice using a software program?
-List office features and functions, as well as pros and cons of each software package—what does each
program do, or not do?
-How are technical support issues handled?
-How is loss of data prevented in each type of program?
-Is this a cloud- or server-based program? What hardware or software might be required?
-Is training provided? In what ways?
-Are laboratory and imaging results imported? Provide details on those that are compatible with the software
program being discussed

Sample Solution