Video Analysis

Outline the information presented in the video ( in the format that is most comfortable and beneficial for you. While you are not required to follow a specific outlining format, you are required to include detailed information. In other words, include as much information as possible – not just one- or two-word bullet points.

Feel free to be as creative as possible. You may utilize any electronic means for creating your outline.

  1. ANSWER the questions below by providing BOTH the information presented in the video AND your reaction to the information presented:

· In a disaster, how are resources allocated and what is involved in these decisions?

· What are the ethical dimensions associated with the decisions that medical and public health professionals face during disasters?

· In the example discussed by the presenter, what are some of the important decisions that were made regarding prioritization of evacuating patients from the hospital?

· What are the evacuation problems faced by the local government? How are resources deployed?

· Could it be okay to hasten the deaths of patients who were believed to be unable to survive a rescue?

· Should a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order be used as a Do Not Rescue order?

· What if the people having medical emergencies were scattered across a large county containing millions of people – where are resources going to be deployed first?

· Does this resource triage system work? Why or why not?

· In the early moments, what accountability measures are in place to ensure that the critical resources are targeted to the people who need them the most?

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