As part of your Individual Video Assignment, you will view one of the provided videos, Choice 1 or Choice 2. Then you will respond to the questions associated with the video you chose.

The answer for each question should
contain approximately 5-15 sentences. The maximum length of the assignment is two pages,
typed, double-spaced with the font size 12. Place the title of the video you select at the
beginning of the paper and list the discussion question numbers before your answers.

Choice 1:

Question 1: What other ethnic subculture segments should be considered as an important segment for McDonald’s? What marketing plans and activities will attract these segments?
Question 2: How difficult is it for McDonald’s to position its products toward one segment without negatively affecting another segment?
Question 3: Describe what you think about the video.
Choice 2:

Question 1: Discuss the various factors which have caused Oreo to customize its marketing mix across country or culture. Have its globalization efforts been successful in meeting local needs? Could it do more? Explain.
Question 2: What is the core Oreo “brand image” globally? What sorts of advertising approaches has it used to communicate this image?
Question 3: Describe what you think about the video.

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