Video Analysis

1 Look through the available video/audio presentations, select the one (1) you might be interested, (2) MP3 of
which is available, (3) that supplies the information about the presenter, (4) the transcript of which is available.
The suggested source Ted Talks
Check the availability of transcript and the information about the presenter. Select the option Share, click on
Download and check if MP3 is available.
2 Once you have made you choice, write the description of your selected presentation by including in it the
following points:
The title of the presentation
The name of the presenter
The information about the background of the presenter
The information about the English language accent the presenter uses
The reasons why you have selected this presentation (apart from the convenience aspects, e.g. availability of
3 Submit your description and the link to the presentation.
4 Present the main points of your description.

Sample Solution