Vignette-Learning Solution

Vignette Scenario

You are a part of a school based IEP (individual education plan) meeting for Jacob who is a 12 year old male. His mother and father are in attendance, along with the school psychologist and his Math and English teachers. Both teachers indicate that Jacob appears to be struggling when they introduce new concepts. He becomes anxious and does not ask for help. Jacob’s father states he encourages Jacob to work on his homework on his own, but his mother says he (Jacob) becomes anxious, frustrated and cannot do the work. Jacob’s mother says that when his older sister Elena “steps in” and explains the work to him, giving him examples he seems to do much better.

Assignment Instructions
Download and review the Vignette scenario [DOWNLOAD]
Select 1 theory from those covered thus far in class and write a 2-3 page paper that addresses the following areas in the vignette:
The theory’s explanation for the behavior/emotions exhibited
How the theory can be applied to change/modify the behavior producing more adaptive/positive result

Sample Solution