Case Vignette Blanca

Blanca, 16-year-old Mexican female, presents for counseling at a community health center. She is monolingual in Spanish, and brings with her 28-year-old neighbor/friend, Maria, who is a bilingual Mexican American married female. Maria views Blanca almost like a younger sister and is present to help translate for Blanca.

Blanca was married in Mexico a year ago to Ernesto, a 24-year-old Mexican American (U.S. citizen) male. He is rarely home because he is a truck driver and is gone for many days at a time. Maria reports that Blanca seems to be lonely and depressed, which is Maria’s primary reason for encouraging and facilitating Maria’s attendance at this intake.

Blanca reports that she completed the equivalent of 6th grade in Mexico. She has no work history outside of the home. As the second oldest child, she assisted with housework and childcare. When she was offered the opportunity to get married and move to the US to a neighbor’s son, she decided this would be a good opportunity to leave her rural area. During the course of the intake, the social worker learns that Blanca is sometimes physically abused by Ernesto when she refuses to have sex with him, and that her abuse occurs primarily when Ernesto drinks, which is often. Out of boredom and perhaps depression, Blanca has also taken up drinking Ernesto’s alcohol when he is on the road. Maria reports she has heard loud noises from their home, and has noticed bruises on Blanca’s arms on several occasions.

In the course of the medical assessment, she was diagnosed with chlamydia, but had no other medical conditions identified. Although she is not pregnant, she reports not using any birth control methods, and that Ernesto would like her to have a child. She reports no particular goals or ambitions, saying “my life here is so much harder than I thought it would be.” She says she is having difficulties sleeping and eating, and has lost weight over the last few months.

1. Three 2-4 page papers written on the case of Blanca
a. Demonstration of Ethical and Professional Behavior. In this case, there are a number of potential ethical concerns. Please identify at least two of them, describe what part of the NASW Code of Ethics would be used to help you decide what to do to resolve the concern, and how you would resolve each concern. In addition, after you meet with the family, you consider running an Internet search on the clients. Is this decision ethical? Why or why not? (3pages)
b. Engagement and Assessment. How might you engage with the clients in this case? What skills and techniques might you use to establish a working relationship with all of the clients? Do you have any personal reactions to these clients, and how would you address them? What information would you like to have in addition in order to complete a more thorough assessment? Finally, are there particular factors or features about these clients that you would take into consideration in engaging and assessing them? (3 pages)
c. Intervention and Evaluation. Please give three specific intervention recommendations for the clients in this case. Describe how each intervention would work, what client or clients would participate, what you would intend each intervention to accomplish, and how you would determine if the intervention was successful. ( 3 pages)




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