Violation of Ethics, Privacy and Security

Read/Review the AHIMA Code of Ethics (Links to an external site.)
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Read the following AHIMA articles:
Safe at Home Remote Coding Meets HIPAA.pdfPreview the document
Make Your Telecommuting Program HIPAA Compliant (HIPAA on the Job).pdfPreview the document
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Read the following scenario; Reflect on best practices for remote coding, protecting PHI, and ethical practices
Sally is a remote coder. She has worked from home on a regular basis for the past two years and been diligent
about observing strict privacy practices while working from her dedicated home office space in the basement of
her home. Unfortunately, her basement floor flooded due to a water heater leak so she has temporarily set up a
temporary office in the dinning room on the main floor. While Sally was diligent for the most part at signing off
while away from the computer screen, changing passwords frequently, and closing her laptop when family
members entered the room, today she had a major slip. Sally’s dog burst through the front door and ran after
the UPS delivery driver. In haste to catch the dog, she left her computer open, unattended. When Sally
returned, she found her husband reading the record that she had been coding. As he got up from the desk, he
said, “Hey sorry, I couldn’t resist? I didn’t know that Mr. Pebody has cancer, that is so sad.” Sally responded
“Yes it is, but please don’t tell anyone, I could get into a lot of trouble.” She then returned to work reminding
herself to be more careful in the future.
Prepare a summary to share with the class in discussion that includes:
A description of the ethical violations that were committed; be specific and reference the AHIMA Code of Ethics
A description of the security violations that took place; be specific and reference the article and any other
outside research
Describe your opinion the potential consequences of Sally’s actions; support you onion with facts from your
course materials and any other outside research

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