Violence in The Wars.

Discuss the representation of violence in The Wars.
Before you begin this assignment, please review the Academic Integrity section in the Student Manual. While you are welcome to use ideas from the Study Guide, you must cite them, even if they are paraphrased. You are not required or expected to incorporate ideas from other sources such as articles or websites, but if you choose to do so you must provide correct citations. The majority of the essay should contain your own original analysis. Remember to apply the strategies of analysis, writing, and formatting explained in the Study Guide and in the assigned sections from Janet E. Gardner’s Reading and Writing About Literature. Be sure to remain conscious of the feedback that your tutor provided on your first two essays in order to improve your writing and argumentation. Your tutor will be happy to discuss any questions that arise as you prepare your essay. Author: Timothy Findley (1930–2002) Book: The Wars

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