Vision Statement

  1. Please identify a commercial corridor near your home that is approximately 3 – 8 blocks in length that can be converted to a complete street (a street with bike lanes, pedestrian improvements and improved transit stops) with infill and redevelopment potential along the corridor
  2. Please upload a map or provide a link to an online map showing the location of your corridor
  3. Please upload a satellite image or aerial photograph showing the location of your corridor
  4. Please write one or two paragraphs describing the location of your corridor
  5. Please identify the existing problems in the corridor for bicyclists, pedestrians and transit users. What infill development or redevelopment potential exists along the corridor? Please identify potential infill and/or redevelopment sites on a map.
  6. Develop a Vision Statement for your study area. What is your vision for improving the livability and sustainability of the study area?

my commercial corridor is in W Atlantic ave delary beach 33445 Fl

in drop box will find all the pic for the location

at least 5 slide u need to cover all the info

Sample Solution