Visual Ad/Artifact

“Your second essay is a critique of a piece of visual rhetoric on basis of L. Bitzer’s essay, The Rhetorical Situation (posted on Canvas), USING Neo-Aristotelian concepts of audience, message, and speaker as well. I would like you to analyze a visual advertisement [magazine or video] and how it attempts to persuade. More specifically, using some of the key postulates of Neo-Aristotelian appeals, or Bitzer’s rhetorical situation, critique how the ad in question attempts to modify a rhetorical situation. You will want, of course, to determine just what the “exigence” is that creates the rhetorical situation for the ad. The selection of ads is up to you. Please include a copy of the ad for the instructor. Reference for the ad and verification of the site/location of the ad: mandatory. 1250 words min. (4-5 pages).”
use this commercial.

Sample Solution