Vitamin/Mineral Supplement Evaluation

Pick any supplement to evaluate (You don’t have to buy it, you can just find the nutrition facts panel w/
ingredients online.)
Examples: centrum, nature-made multi-vitamin, etc.
Try to find something you either have a personal connection to. Review the ingredients and respond to the
following questions about it.
What is the name of the supplement?
What is the cost per pill? (Hint: Take the price and divide it by the number)
Is the supplement complete (does it contain all vitamins and minerals with established DRI)? If no, what is
Are most vitamins and minerals present in amounts at or near 100% of the adult DRI? (Hint: Use the chart
inside the front cover of your textbook) Exceptions include biotin, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, which
are rarely found in amounts near 100% of the DRI. List any vitamins or minerals that are present in low
amounts or dangerously high amounts.
Does the supplement contain unnecessary nutrients or non nutrients? If yes, list them.
Is there “hype” on the label? Does the label use the terms “natural,” “organic,” “chelated,” “no sugar,” “stress reliever,” “immune formula,” etc.? List any terms used.
Would you recommend your vitamin selection to others to use? Tell us why or why not

Sample Solution