Voluntary organizations that are involved in controlling or supporting the sport.

Topic Selection: Choose something that is motivational. Motivation may be because of your personal interests in doing the activity, a curiosity of why others would do something you never would, or maybe even because you don’t like some class of outdoor enthusiast
Research Paper on specific Outdoor Recreation hobby/sport: Paper Outline:

  1. History – when & where did activity begin
  2. Current Use and Patterns – who participates, how many, what is the range and what is the stereotypical user, (look for international as well as U.S. statistics but segment the data), what are the trends – is it growing or in decline – does the current user have other characteristics related to income level, race, gender or ethnicity
  3. Safety and Mortality – who is getting hurt, any data on accident rates or mortality rates
  4. Cost to Participate – calculate what it costs to participate both in terms of start-up costs for the novice and on-going costs. (e.g a golfer needs clubs, balls and then faces green fees).
  5. Organizations and Support Industries – professional groups or voluntary organizations that are involved in controlling or supporting the sport.
    Impact Issues: What seems to be the problem (s)? What data or research supports this? What responses have been made to this problem (or suggested) by political and/or social entities and/or recreation resource managers (e.g park personnel).
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    Summary and conclusion including your recommendations of what needs to happen for the good of participants and for the

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