Voting systems

Determine the rules under which elections are held and impact how democratic a country is. Compare and contrast the voting systems of the United StatesU.S., Israel, and Mexico. Identify and discuss the nature of these three characteristics: (a) free and fair elections, (b) electoral competition, and (c) voter turnout and eligibility. Provide specific examples from Smith textbook and discuss the relationship between each voting system and its implication with respect to democracy.
,lote 2/3 f this essay to theb tten citing the Raymond A Smith textbook (The American Anomaly)
Paper Subheadings: Introduction Free and Fair Elections Electoral Competition Voter Turnout and Eligibility Conclusion
Provide an introduction and clear thesis (the thesis is to be italicized) Compare and contrast free and fair elections in each country Compare and contrast how competitive elections are in each country Compare and contrast voter turnout and voter eligibility in each country Provide conclusion

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