A company in Manhattan still keeps to the traditional mailing approaches even though the nature of their business strictly involves confidential documents that need to be sent to clients. Tell this Manhattan company why you think their messages can be securely sent to clients using e-mail.

Write a 2-3 page e-mail that includes the following:

Explain the features of secure e-mail and how secure e-mail works.
As a good consultant, make sure that they are also aware of the vulnerabilities involved in e-mail communication and how they can be countered.
Your paper should be written in the APA style, and should cite any sources you used.
Part B:

In 3–4 strong paragraphs

Describe in your own words, what is a directory service (such as Microsoft Active Directory, Novell, e-Directory, etc.)?
Under what circumstances would you recommend its implementation for a client?
Why do you think an organization would continue to use directory services that have known security flaws?
What is LDAP and what are its security vulnerabilities?

Sample Solution