Vulnerable Population

The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize knowledge and skills in nursing as they apply to the needs of a VULNERABLE POPULATION.  The paper body must be 5 to 8 typed pages in length not counting the title page and references. APA format is required and at least 4 reference citations should be included.  The paper is to include:

• A description of the vulnerable population and what factors contribute to this group being identified as vulnerable
• Demographic description of the population-size, location, income level, education level and other characteristics available -include any relevant historical information (i.e. slavery of African Americans)
• Health and safety concerns of the population -support with data as available
• Resources and services available to the population-describe how these services support the needs of the population
• Barriers to access or use of resources (such as health literacy issues)
• Recommendations to improve health and prevent illness and injury to the population.

Sample Solution