Warmth, empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard

On pages 71-72, the terms warmth, empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard are discussed.
Watch the following video and determine if the social worker displayed any of these terms. Provide specific
examples you observe in the video. These examples can be verbal and non-verbal.
also please reply to discussion below:
Warmth is demonstrated when someone expresses sincere interest in the comfort of the client. Warmth and
empathy were demonstrated in the video when Nicki Higgins held Madison’s hands and comforted her when
she was very upset. She assured her that no one could have their phone, not just her. The tone of Higgins’
voice was also very comforting, demonstrating warmth. Empathy is the act of understanding, experiencing and
responding to the emotional state and ideas of another person. Madison’s parents and Nicki Higgins displayed
empathy by understanding that Madison had a problem and needed help. They responded by getting her the
help she needed without getting angry with her and displaying many different emotions. They were not judging
her, but simply explaining things to her in a soft tone. Higgins also did not place blame on Madison alone which
displays empathy. Her parents knew they did not have the resources to help Madison so they responded by
getting help from others so their daughter could get better. Genuineness is the quality of being honest and
sincere. Genuineness was shown toward Madison throughout the whole clip. They were very honest with her
explaining why she needed to go and sincere when Haskins stated that he wanted her to be protected.
Unconditional positive regard is nonjudgemental acceptance regardless of whether a social worker approves of
individual client actions. They did not necessarily agree with how Madison was acting but did not show
judgement towards her and they understood she did not want to go. They tried to comfort her and told her she
had to go in order to get the help she needed because they knew that was best for her.
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