Waste audit

Undertake an audit of waste generated by your household over a period of at least four days. I. Write this up in the sections give below*.

Pick one type of waste or product identified in your waste audit. Explain what changes would be needed in economic systems in order to avoid this particular waste going to landfill. Use ideas and concepts from the lectures to inform your discussion. You may wish to discuss changes in product design, open- and closed-loop recycling systems, and/or alternative ways of delivering the service provided by this material. ( approx. 1000 words) *(a) short description of household; (b) method used for audit; (b) figures tables and photographs showing quantities of different types of waste (totals for the analyzed days, and also extrapolated to amount for a year); (c) discussion on whether these results are representative or not of your average household waste generation.



Sample Solution