“Watching TV right before going to sleep causes insomnia.”

People are exposed to information about psychopathology on a daily basis ¬ through the newspaper, the internet, television, and radio. Most of this information is in the form of claims. For example, one might come across a headline in the Health section of the newspaper that states “watching TV right before going to sleep causes insomnia.” However, most people do not consider the validity of such claims. This can happen for a number of reasons: perhaps the claim substantiates a belief that you already hold, or perhaps the claim is one that all your friends also have told you about. To encourage critical thinking, and to enhance your research skills, your task in this assignment is to select a media statement (could be newspaper, magazine, or internet ad) about some aspect of psychopathology and to conduct empirical research on that topic. Determine whether what the article says about a particular disorder or psychological health claim is supported by actual research.

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