Well-known company in the aviation community

Select a well-known company in the aviation community to examine its organizational environment and behavior. Each week applied what you have learned in the Module of study to the company you selected in Module 5 and discuss how the company has accomplished the concept. You are now ready to submit your Research Paper.
The paper must include an introduction of the company and discuss the company’s leadership, communication networks, decision making, negotiations process, organizational change, power, politics, organizational culture and innovation, goals and structure, strategy, technology, and organizational design.

For your selected company, examine the organization’s environment.
Identify the company’s strategy and its influences on the organization’s design.
Does the company embrace technological innovations? Provide support for this opinion.
How does the company’s organization design keep the company on the competitive edge?
Describe one aspect that you felt was the most important for a company to grow and be successful regardless of the economic environment. Explain why?

Sample Solution