What is Euro-legalism ?

1. What is  Euro-legalism according to scholar, Dan Kelemen who wrote Eurolegalism: the Transformation of Law and Regulation in the European Union? What is Dan Kelemen’s argument about Eurolegalism? How has Eurolegalism shaped law in the European Union (EU)? 2 According to Eric Posner in The Decline of the International Court of Justice,” why is the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the decline? Can this decline be averted or will the ICJ slowly fade out of existence? 3. How does US Separation of Powers and Federalism influence international law in the US? Why do national courts dominate the influence of international law in the US, rather than international courts?

4. What legal aspects do jus ad bellum and jus in bello entail and how do they impact the international law of war?

5. In Jana Von Stein’s The International Law and Politics of Climate Change: Ratification of the United Nations Framework Convention and the Kyoto Protocol,” she discusses two flexibility mechanisms for ensuring compliance of international treaties. What is compliance, what are the two mechanism discussed by Von Stein, and how well to these two mechanisms work?








































































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