What It Means Today To Be ‘Connected

Argumentative Essay (Essay 2)In “What It Means Today To Be ‘Connected,'” (p. 143-146), Lucy P. Marcus claims that true connectedness involves building and sustaining deep, authentic relationships. In “Living Within Social Networks,” (p. 146-150), Krause explores the question, Is this new wave of Internet interaction, social media, ironically making us more apart, lonely, or unproductive’?” In Sherry Turkle’s Ted Talk, “Connected, But Alone?”, she explores steps we can take to feel less lonely in this extremely “connected” time. In your second formal writing assignment, you will write an argumentative essay which expresses your opinion on social media’s ability to connect or isolate us. Essay Directions: Write a 750-word essay answering the following prompt: In what ways should people use or limit their use of social media to ensure they experience real connectedness? Express your opinion as a Letter to the Editor to be published in the Triton Review (the Edmonds Community College newspaper).To support your argument, use varied specific evidence of the following types: 1. mandatory: at least two paraphrases or direct quotations from one, two, or all three sources2. optional: statistics gained from our class research (Media Use Survey)3. optional: personal anecdotes (ie, from the Unplug Yourself Challenger No other outside research may be included.Other Assignment Requirements:1. Include at least one counterargument in your essay. 2. Shape your essay for the specific purpose and audience mentioned in the prompt. 3. The paper should be written in MLA format, including in-text citations and a Works Cited page. 4. Include at least two sentences with concessive subordinators (underline these sentences)




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