What policy drivers could states and the federal government

  1. What policy drivers could states and the federal government use to bring quality up and cost down? Are the
    current efforts effective?
    2.Go to the World Press Review online (www.worldpress.org (Links to an external site.)) and pick a
    controversial news topic discussed by several newspapers. Identify characteristics of those newspapers (such
    as political leaning, region) that might explain the different points of view expressed on the topic.
    3..For this week’s question, I want you to explore a current public health issue that is threatening our nation at
    large. A few DQs ago, I mentioned climate change as being a public issue of concern for the nation. Two other
    issues of concern are gun violence and immigrant health. In fact, former presidential candidate Elizabeth
    Warren addressed the latter as part of her health reform platform in her presentations. Please select one of the
    three issues and concisely summarize the issue with some facts/figures, the interest groups
    supporting/opposing it and the ethical principles to consider in any reform. I.e. The NRA and the right to bodily
    defend yourself (autonomy) as well as written in the Constitution.

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