White Privilege

White privileges refer to the social benefits that white people get beyond those experienced by people of color in the same social, political and economic areas. It is received as a result of racism and once one understands how it works is when they can begin addressing it on an individual basis (Andres, 1984).

Here are two examples of white privilege: a white person can wear and act how they like without being labeled a low life or thug. Secondly, a white teenager does not have to worry about being bullied or given nicknames because of their color. Most whites today are not racists but still oppress the people of color innocently or unknowingly. This is because it creates a lot of advantages and brings a sense of immunity to a lot of challenges for white people.

Although most whites tend to deny the existence of white privilege, it is there and very important in their day to day lives. This is because they gain a lot from it regardless of their flaws. They have a tendency to get hired for jobs, get admissions to universities, or get good apartments easily without putting much effort. This results from the fact that most of these organizations are owned and managed by white people.

White privileges not only matter to whites but also to colored people. The difference is that it affects the other races and ethnicities negatively. Most whites are prioritized when it comes to job opportunities than the other races. This makes it harder for non-whites to find jobs and thus resulting to high rise in crime rate and drug abuse. Non-whites are also harshly and wrongly judged because of their color. For instance, if a black and white man enters a shopping mall at the same time the security officer often follows the black man around to ensure he does not steal anything. This creates low self esteem to blacks and increases hatred between these two communities. It also brings about poverty and stigmatization for non-whites.

In conclusion, the fact that people are still treated differently as a result of their skin color only proves that racism still continues though not as it was in the past. As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “The absence of brutality and unregenerate evil is not the presence of justice.”It is clear that white privileges will never fade until white supremacy is erased from our society


Andersen. M. (1984), “Race and the Social Science Curriculum: A Teaching and Learning Discussion.” Radical Teacher, pp. 17-20. Smith, Lillian.