“Who is most American?”

One of the course outcomes reads °Compare the idea of ‘being an American’ with the origins of American identity.° In other words, how does our modem conception of being an American trace it origins to the people who founded the first colonies and eventually developed the American ideology. In this paper, I would like you to reflect on that concept by answering the following question.

Which founding colony or settler group best reflects your personal idea of our contemporary American identity? Choose from: Pilgrims, Puritans, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Netherland, Carolina, or Maryland. If you have a different settler group, please discuss with me before you write. In this essay, please identify the group with a brief background of their settlement. Do not make this paper a summary of the group but rather touch upon the aspects of the group’s founding, culture, practices and ideas as the strongest foundation of our contemporary idea of American identity.




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