Research the whole foods company in California. Find the financial condition, balance sheet, Income statement and write essay on it. ———————————————————————————————— Important: The whole requirements of 25 pages essay is uploaded. And what you need to do is uploaded too in another file. Don’t write like a essay. Writing like you doing a part in the this whole big essay.
Whole Food Research and Analyze

Team Member One: I. Where is the Company at the time of the case? RESEARCH NEEDED
1. Who is the CEO, what are his/her qualifications, how long has s/he been CEO?
2. What is the company’s Mission Statement?
3. Which generic strategy does the company implement? (See Chapter Five)
4. What are the main products and/or services?
5. Who is the target market (business, consumer, or both)? If consumer, provide data on demographics
and discuss psychographics. If business, discuss two key competitors, 2017 sales and net income.

Team Member Two: I. Where is the Company at the time of the case?
6. Discuss in depth (one to one and a half pages each) the two most important problems or two most strategic opportunities facing the company which are unresolved in the case. This can also be one of each. Note: These cannot have been solved within the time frame of the case. NO RESEARCH IN Q. 6. USE CASE ONLY
II. Where has the company gone since the end of the case?
7. Since the end of the case, how has the company solved the issues identified in Question Six? (One to one and half pages each.) RESEARCH NEEDED

MY Part:
Team Member Three: II. Where has the company gone since the end of the case? RESEARCH NEEDED
8. What is the company’s financial condition from the end of the case to December 31, 2017. Use the last year of financials in the case as the starting point. Conduct a trend analysis for total revenue, net income, earnings per share, and common stock price. Support your analysis with line graphs and tables.
9. Is the company now better or worse off financially, and why? Include the company’s official consolidated Income Statements and Balance Sheets in the Appendix for years 2013-2017.

Team Member Four: II. Where has the company gone since the end of the case? RESEARCH NEEDED
10. What two significant strategic moves has the company made since the end of the case other than those related to Question Seven? (One page each minimum) Answer only the relevant questions, and/or analyze any other significant strategic decisions.
a. Has there been a change in CEO? If so, why? Who is the new CEO? Qualifications?
b. Have there been any new product introductions and/or product failures.
c. Has the company added or dropped a target market? Demographics? Psychographics?
d. Has the company acquired any other company, or has the company itself been acquired?
e. If so, identify and discuss the other company: CEO, mission, generic strategy, financial condition
at the time of the acquisition, and price paid for the acquisition.
f. The CEO and acquisition questions must be answered if applicable.

Team Member Five: III. Where can the company go now? TEAM IDEAS IN Q. 14. NO RESEARCH.
11. Identify and discuss 3 Driving Forces this company and all companies in the same industry group
could face now and in the future?
12. Discuss 3-4-Key Success Factors needed for all companies in the industry group to succeed.
13. Is the company in need of a turnaround strategy? Explain.
14. Based on Questions 11, 12, 13, recommend and justify two new strategic moves for the company.
Be specific. “Expand internationally” or “develop new products” are generic recommendations and
have no meaning without thoughtful justifications. (One to one and a half pages each)




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