“why do people differ in communication within relationships?” 

– “this is what i want to do for this project”
– Intro:
– identify the problem
– pose a question; “why do people differ in communication within relationships?”
– start off with what is puzzling us
– Purpose Statement: “the purpose of this paper is to _________”
– purpose statement needs to be followed by Statement of Organization 
- “this paper will be organized this way”
– Transition into Literature Review 
- a good lit review shares with reader our current state of knowledge about this topic – need current citations
- only reason to go back to older research (90s) if it was a key study
– if you cant find related material, go further out in the field; if it taking place in your field, but in a different context, find a way to relate that back to your study
- if there is health related articles, you could use those
– Ways to gather your articles:
– do it chronologically; how has it been studied across time ; “its been a study since the early 
80s, then in the 90s they discovered, now we realize this….”
– topics or sub-topics
– how i usually do it, break it up by what each article is talking about
– “Collectively, it seems to work this way”
– We know that it works in this context, but we don’t know how it works in THIS context 
- **Need to have a rational; WHY are you engaging in this
– Transition into methodology
– introduction to methodology; repeat purpose of what you are trying to do (COPY AND PASTE)
– identify people in the stidy; be specific, in case someone wants to duplicate the study;
– have a clear idea of who you’re participants are, be specific about who they are and where 
they are
– MEASURES; identify the measure of how you are going to do something. On each 
measure, talk about reliability and 
- every variable needs a measure
– How are you going to collect data, be specific
– DISCUSSION OF ANALYSIS; how do plan on analyze data, what type of statistical tests 
will i use , either T tests (only 2 groups) or Analysis of Variance (4 or more groups) – look at 
correlation or regression; obersavtions, interviews, etc.
– Talk again about the purpose
******* go to a recent paper published on your subject, and go








































































Sample Solution