With The Old Breed

Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, the author still has a reason and a point to make in writing it. For our purposes, explicitly explain what that
point is; and how that point illuminates a current issue for our government. Once you have explicitly explained the authors’
purpose and how the book illuminates a current issue for our government and you must
provide proof of this with examples drawn and cited from the text.
The next step is to inform me if you, having read the book, find that the author
accomplished his goal. Did s/he make the point; or was the point not clearly backed up,
not believably presented, or simply just not true to the facts. Here you will also have to
cite specific passages from the book to make your case. Even if the point is made, cite
specific passages that you felt were particularly persuasive. More is better.
The last part of the book report is my favorite part. I truly wish to know if the
book was any good, by that I mean, how readable is it? Is it interesting? Does it
increase or help your understanding of a topic that our government currently is facing?
If so, what topic did it make clear? Should this book be removed from the list of
suggested books? Or is it a book that more people should read?

Sample Solution