Women in Ancient Greece

Read the following brief excerpts from larger works by the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle (c.384-322 BCE) and Xenophon (c. 430-354 BCE.)
Aristotle: On a Good Wife, a brief excerpt from a larger work called Oikonomikos, c. 330 BCE
Xenophon: On Men and Women, a brief excerpt from a different work also called Oikonomikos, c. 370 BCE
Based on the readings, answer the following questions; use MLA citation format.
Interpretation and Analysis
What does Aristotle think is characteristic of a good wife? Explain your answer.
How would you characterize Xenophon’s overall depiction of women? Explain your answer.
Can you draw any parallels between the two depictions of women here? Are there any major differences? Explain your answer.

Sample Solution