Women in the Work Force

Family policy can be a very controversial and passionate topic given the various issues plaguing families today. We will dive into some great discussion and explore many sides of these issues. Please remember the rules of netiquette and respectfully present your stance on the issues. This will be strictly enforced.
In this week’s forum we will explore historical American family policies and compare them with the policies currently in place
Conduct a search online and locate 2 comparable pictures , that depicts similarity of policies over time. (For example: one may select a picture dating back several decades when women were not encouraged and in some cases were not allowed in the workforce. The other picture may showcase women today in the workforce).
In addition to providing both pictures, ensure that you provide a description of the pictures so that the message in the picture is clearly received.
Afterward, take some time to reflect on these or similar changes evident in your own family. Respond to the following question in clear and well supported forum response: How has your family changed over the past 3 generations in regard to the policy highlighted in your pictures. (For example: how has women’s involvement in the workforce changed in your family over the last 3 generations? ) If there have not been any changes within your family, provide a detailed response on what has happened in the last 3 decides in America as far as this policy?

Sample Solution