Word Processing

After carefully reviewing the Administrative Examples, Instructional Examples, and MS Word Tips, please complete the following graded assignments:

You have two options for earning credit for this assessment.

    Option 1: Develop a word processing project and submit your work to the Word Processing Dropbox (accessible at the left). The purpose of this assignment is to practice skills introduced in this unit, while also creating materials that are immediately relevant to your administrative or instructional needs. For this assignment, use MS Word to create a professional document of appropriate length. Keep in mind that this is a graduate level course and a 100 point assignment. Your final product must be substantial. For example, if you decide to create flashcards, create a full set of cards comparable to what you would really use with students. A simple typed document (paper) is not suitable for this project, unless it is enhanced by the inclusion of graphics, photos, tables, or other features that demonstrate a range of word processing skills. Appropriate projects might include -- creating a set or sets of flashcards; developing a class or school newsletter or brochure; creating an informational flyer or poster; generating a class handout or exam enhanced with visuals (illustrations, tables, columns, clipart/photos); using mail merge to generate form letters, story starters; developing an example or examples that demonstrate how your students could use word processing. If you have some other project idea, please email the instructor for approval in advance

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