Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Internet Scavenger Hunt

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a structured outline of the project scope. As such, the WBS list 100% of all project deliverables. In spite of the apparent simplicity of this important tool for outlining the project scope, this is a tool that is often misunderstood. Rather than include only deliverables, some supposed WBS examples found in textbooks and on the Internet mix elements of the WBS together with the schedule and include items such as activities, costs, duration, and milestones.

In this discussion, carry out the following activity:

  1. Search the Internet or the Hunt Library to find one example of a WBS that is correct (includes only elements of project scope, i.e., deliverables, nouns), and one example of a WBS that is incorrect (includes elements beyond the project scope, i.e., activities, verbs, durations, milestones). 2. Compile your findings in discussion form and briefly explain the rationale behind your choices.




Sample Solution