Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the project or Gantt Chart

Consider a recent project that you have worked on. This could be for a company or organization with which you are familiar, or even a personal project such as purchasing a home or planning a party.

After your opening paragraph, which includes your thesis statement, identify your selected company or organization in no more than three paragraphs. Then, complete the following:

-Create either a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the project or Gantt Chart for planning and scheduling the project. Discuss why you used the type of chart you did.
-Determine and document both probabilistic (t0, tp, and tm) and deterministic time estimates.

  • Discuss how you arrived at these time estimates.
    -Using MS Word, Google Docs, or similar software, create a PERT network diagram with the Critical Path (CP) identified.
    -Calculate the slack time for each activity. Discuss the ramifications of slack in the CP for the activities and the project as a whole.
    -Develop the network diagram from the probability estimates. Discuss which path you would take and why.
    -For each activity, determine hypothetical costs in a table. Include budgeted costs, percent complete, actual/projected cost, and over/under budget (and total). Discuss the rationale for how you derived these costs.
    -Crash an activity on the Critical Path. Discuss the ramifications of crashing the activity you crashed.

Sample Solution