Workbook Project Milestone 3-1 and Management Analysis Brief


Create adjusting entries for various situations, prepare annual financial reports, calculate ratios, and develop a brief report for management explaining accounting ratios and the effects of interest rates on the future value of money.

I. Accounting Workbook: Your accounting workbook must include appropriate calculations, ratios, and notes:
A. Create adjusting entries for financial statement preparation.
B. Create an adjusted trial balance for financial statement preparation.
C. Prepare financial statements for determining the company’s financial position.
D. Calculate ratios for determining the company’s financial health.
II. Management Analysis Brief: Your management analysis brief should explain financial information to management. Provide evidence from your accounting workbook to support your ideas when applicable.
A. Assess the company’s financial health based on ratio analyses presented in the accounting workbook.
B. Compare ratio analysis to trends in financial ratios over time for illustrating their impact, providing examples to support your claims.
C. Summarize the effects of different compounding periods and interest rates on future value of money.

Sample Solution