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Compare and contrast essay
Your purpose, or rhetorical aim, is to inform your audience of the similarities and differences between the two
items you compare or contrast for this essay (and determine which item is superior, depending upon your
intended audience and criteria).
2-3 pages (500-750 words) plus a Works Cited page
Create a thesis statement that identifies the topic and the purpose of the paper
This probably should reflect your opinion, such as:
“Despite conflicting popular opinions, the PS4 is a superior gaming system to the Xbox One because of 1, 2, 3
(give your reasons),”
Or, “Despite having a similar number of attractions, a family trip to Disneyland provides a more enjoyable family
vacation than a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain.”)
Make sure each body paragraph has a clear topic sentence and supports the thesis!
Use 3-4 criteria to compare/contrast your topics
Write in third person point of view. (No “I,” “our,” “you,” “your,” etc.)
Choose a topic that you already know a lot about.
You will need to cite where your information comes from
You may use websites to research this assignment. Depending on your topic, you will probably use 1-3

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