Working out a Termination Plan

Engage in theprocess of termination with clients, with Field Supervisors and with the Field
Agency. As you all have learned over the course of your MSW program,
terminating appropriately is a critical element of social work practice, and should
be planned for accordingly. However, the process of termination can also be
filled with a variety of emotions on the part of the student and the client.
This Practice Application is designed to help students reflect upon, and plan for,
the process of Termination. You may utilize these questions as springboards for
discussion about Termination during your weekly Supervision meetings, and also
utilize them as tools for self- reflection during the final weeks of this semester,
March 11 – April 11 (April 13 for the Saturday – Field 4).
In order to complete this Final Application, please answer the questions listed
below. Please respond in narrative style in paragraph form. Please be sure to
type your answers on a separate sheet, as there is not enough room for your
responses on this guide. Please be prepared to turn in your Termination Plan to
your Field Seminar Instructor on April 11, 2019 (April 13 for the Saturday – Field 4)

  1. As a Field 4 student, you have now reached the Mid- Point in your final Field
    Practicum experience. It is now time to begin to consider how you will
    terminate with each of your clients and with the Field Agency. Please list and
    discuss any termination-related concerns that you have at this mid- point in
    the semester. During your final Supervision sessions, please discuss these
    concerns with your Supervisor. This process will assist you as you begin to
    develop and implement your plan for Termination.
  2. As you receive feedback from your Supervisor, it is incumbent upon you to
    formulate a plan for terminating with your clients. This will take time,
    guidance, and personal reflection. In paragraph form, please discuss the
    elements of your termination plan for each of your clients.
    As you are terminating with your clients, please consider that you are also
    terminating from your Field Supervisor and from your Field Agency. This also can
    be a process in which you may have a variety of emotions and thoughts. Please
    take some time to reflect upon your overall Field Practicum experience as you
    move through these final weeks. Consider what you have learned from your from
    your Agency Supervisor and from the overall Field Practicum experience.
  3. Which Practice Skills and behaviors have been my strengths? Challenges?
  4. Regarding my Learning Contract, where are my areas of strength?
  5. Have I reflected upon the feedback from my Agency Supervisor throughout
    the semester? In what specific areas was Supervision helpful?
  6. In what ways has my Seminar Class served to support my Field Practicum
  7. Please take time to reflect upon the totality of your final Field Practicum
    experience. Please select one experience which has been most meaningful
    to you and briefly discuss it in paragraph form.
  8. Finally, please discuss your plan for terminating from your Field Placement
    Agency. Please feel free to share ideas for your plan with your Field Agency

Sample Solution