Worksheet Lesson Planning


First: Read the Lesson Plan Format posted. (will be provided)

Second: Read the Sample Lesson Plan.

Third: Copy these questions into a file, answer them and submit


Question 1: The activity in this sample plan is an art activity. Read the 2 objectives I have chosen – are they art objectives? Why are they appropriate for this lesson? What can you conclude about choosing objectives?

Question 2: What did I plan to do to get the children’s attention? Why is that helpful to have in your plan?

Question 3: Name 2 things I included in the sample lesson plan to keep the activity orderly.

Question 4: Literacy is about learning to read and write. We actually teach the children about those things all through the day, in many small ways. What did I put in the sample lesson plan to include literacy?

Question 5: I gave an example of an open-ended question for this activity in the sample lesson plan. Write a different open-ended question you could use with this lesson plan.

Sample Solution