World History

Select one work of historical media that is at least 90 minutes in length that directly ties to thematic discussions covered our the weekly class lecture activities. Afterward, students will write a 750-1000-word essay addressing key questions about their source Typically, any of the following materials are considered a suitable piece of historica media: documentary film, podcasts, narrative films, television programs, or literature. This can be either a work of historical fiction or non-fiction, depending on the student’s preference.

Need to be answer the following questions:

  1. How does your chosen work of history connect to the topics discussed in class?
  2. How historically accurate is your selected item? (Explain factual errors, missed opportunities, and describe what perspective the work portrays selected individuals or events.)
  3. In your opinion is this film a work of”Good” or “Bad” history?*

*The question of “Good History” or “Bad History” relates closely to the manner in which a storyteller decides to take liberties with a historical narrative or occurrence. In this regard it is important for students to addres the following:

  • Does the work fiction attempt to reconstruct the history truthfully?
  • How might the background of the storyteller inform the historical narrative hey are telling?
  • Are there any exaggerated or understated details that can be acknowledged

Describe the historic argument your chosen source is attempting to make. Do you agree or disagree with the authorlcontent creator’s perspective? Why?

Sample Solution