“World News Digest, Facts, & Files”

What happened the year that you were born? Besides your birth, there were many important events that occurred in the world and perhaps those events shaped history. You will conduct some research and then find 3 events that took place the year you were born.

To find out what happened the year you were born, use the “World News Digest, Facts, & Files” database located in the Monroe College Library. You access the electronic databases via MY Monroe, then click on Library Resources. Contact the library staff with any questions about using the databases. Remember you can also access the Monroe Library using the information found in the file located on the Content page. You can use other electronic databases if you cannot locate information from this source.

Remember to use APA formatting for in-text citations and a Reference. That information is also available in the Library Resources, and the APA format guide is also found in the Start Here Documents in the Content.

Once you have conducted your research write an essay of at least 5 paragraphs.
P1-State the thesis and the 3 events from the year you were born, that you will be writing about in the essay. (5-6 sentences)

P2,3,4- Write 6-8 sentences for each paragraph where you describe and explain each of the examples you researched.

P5-Restate thesis, restate 3 key ideas, add a closing statement (5-6 sentences)

You should summarize specific examples of world events to discuss the significance of the year of your birth. Be sure to write a strong thesis statement in your introduction paragraph and in the body paragraphs use transitional words to introduce examples

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