The way a researcher views the world and believes it to function influences what he or she seeks to learn as a result of a study and how he or she designs a research study. There are, of course, other considerations that contribute to the design of research, among them the problem under study and the personal experiences of the researcher (which also likely contribute to the researcher’s worldview). In this unit, you read articles that address bias and, more generally, how human beings think about the truth.
Using the language of the four worldviews discussed in the text, describe how you see the world. What is your worldview? What type of research do you prefer to read? Is there a type of research in which you place the most trust?
Citing at least two of the articles, discuss how our worldviews and the natural human tendency to seek confirmation of existing belief systems can undermine how people seek evidence—including how they conduct, consume, and apply research—regardless of the research approach.
Then explain how, as critical thinkers, we can work to counteract these tendencies. Name one or two personal biases that you would need to manage should you conduct research about a topic about which you have a point of view.
Use at least three scholarly references to reinforce your position




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