Worldview Research Essay

Our worldview is how we make sense of the world. It is our filter in which we see, understand, and comprehend
the world, a set of beliefs that determines our perceptions, thoughts, and actions. The necessity to make sense
of the world through our worldview may cause us to wholly reject ideas and opinions that might conflict and
destabilize our worldview.
Our worldview is borne of our interactions with the world: our experiences, our families, our culture, our spiritual
beliefs, our age (generation), and our education. We need our worldview in order to live confidently and
securely. It determines our relationship to humanity and spirituality, how we determine truth and knowledge,
and it allows us to be a part of a large group of like-minded people in order to form a culture.
We all have a worldview; however, not all of us are conscious of what our worldview is. For this essay, I am
asking you to determine what your worldview is and where did these views come from?

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