“Your Choice” Using Another Person’s Internet Connection

A help desk technician received a call from an upset customer, Samantha. Samantha had been accessing the Internet at home with her tablet for months but was suddenly unable to connect. The technician asked her some questions to help her troubleshoot the problem. Did she try turning off her router and turning it back on? No—she didn’t have a router. What about a wireless access point? No—she didn’t have one of those either! After some more questions, the technician finally realized that Samantha had been piggybacking her neighbor’s wireless network.
Samantha was very upset to have lost her Internet connection, and a few days later, when her neighbor returned from vacation, it was restored. Her neighbor was unaware that Samantha had been using the connection.
Is it acceptable for Samantha to continue to use her neighbor’s network now that she understands what she is doing? Look up the laws where you live. Is it legal? It is ethical? Would you do it?

Sample Solution