Answer the 2 below discussion questions separately with 200 words each and 2 references each.

Initial Post 1: Please review the required reading and other sources and then create a set of seven principles as viewed by a Global HR executive on business change management. Please do not post what other authors wrote, but synthesize and integrate all of the content you found into your own set of seven principles.

Initial Post 2: Present to your dialogue group members how a Biblical Worldview would shape a senior HRM manager’s change program approach and behaviors..

Read about IBM consulting services relative to change management
Organizational Change Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Ten Principles of Change Management
Secret of Change Management – motivation, leadership skills, development, styles and business strategy – motivational conference keynote speaker – speech by Patrick Dixon (

Change Management Lessons From A Global HR BPO Rollout (
Webinar 1: Delivering Effective Change Management (

Change management: organizational and personal change management, process, plans, change management and business development tips
Seven Principles of Change Management

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