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f there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s keeping deadlines. Most of the time, our clients are like, “I thought I gave you 2 weeks, I’ve just received my completed assignment in 3 days, is this a miracle?” But then, yes, it is a miracle, because that’s just what we do. We are NEVER LATE.

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We hire the best, and we have the best. Our team of experts undergoes a very rigorous process of recruitment, and out of the best that are shortlisted, only the best of the best are hired. We keep a lean number of writers who hold at least a Masters Degree, to avoid having inexperienced writers take over your assignments. We keep only those we’re sure about.

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Before any of our completed papers is emailed to our client, we perform a thorough check via the most powerful plagiarism detector software on earth: Turnitin. We have a special account with Turnitin that allows us to run even hundreds of checks on a single document, without it being stored in its repository. As a matter of fact, a client can request for this same report if in doubt, just to be sure before submission.

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Due to the nature of our job, clients’ different time zones, and the need to completely convenient our clients, we don’t have working ours, because we’re live 24/7. Feel free to reach us anytime of the day or night via phone, email or live chat.

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