A celebrity or public figure

Type the name of a celebrity or public figure who you know something about. As there are many versions of celebrity and public sites, be sure the one you select has a blue check mark beside the name, which indicates this is a verified account or that the account is the official account on behalf of that individual.

Review recent tweets by this individual.

Answer the following questions about your experience on Facebook:

What types of content does the person like?
What types of content is he or she posting (for example, photos, status updates, or personal information)?
If this person posts photos, what types of images do they tend to post?
Is the person making deep personal disclosures?
Based on your knowledge of psychological theories, what might some of these behaviors signify to you? Why?
Answer the following questions about your experience on Twitter:

Which public figure’s Twitter account did you choose to review?
Was it possible to determine whether the individual was doing his or her own tweeting?
Did the voice established by the author align with what you know about that person?
Did the visuals, such as photos or graphics, match up to what you know about the individual?
What type of content was posted on his or her Twitter feed?
Answer the following questions in reference to both Facebook and Twitter:

How frequently was content posted on the accounts you observed?
Was this content what you would expect to read from each individual?
Did anything surprise you or seem out of alignment with what you know about each individual?
Create a mind map or diagram that highlights your findings in 700 to 875 words.

Sample Solution