A Compare and Contrast Of Film Music

Option 1: Write a Compare and Contrast essay of a minimum of 650 words on the two different scores to a movie of the same name. (a remake) Some great examples are: King Kong. The Taking of Phelham 123, Oceans 11, The Preachers Wife, 3:10 to Yuma. Alfie, Amityville Horror. Bad News Bears, The Fog. Charlie and the Chocolate Facto, Manchurian Candidate. Miracle on 34th Street. 101 Dalmations, Annie. Arthur, Brians Song, DOA, and Cape Fear. There are of course many other titles to choose from.
Option 2: Compare the two available music scores to the movie Legend. This movie starring Tom Cruise, is a great example although you will need to find the DVD not the video. The DVD includes the option to watch the film with the original Jerry Goldsmith score or with the score performed by Tangerine Dream. Again, it is necessary to have the DVD, the video will not give you both options.
Option 3: A third option (very similar to option number 2) is to watch the movie Alien. The DVD offers both the original score and the compilation score that made it to the theaters. A couple of words of caution. 1) Some people (myself included) consider this movie to be one of the scariest movies ever produced. So, if you don’t like scary movies, stay away from this one. 2) The score is available. but without the dialogue and sound effects. For our purposes, it is great, but you can’t really enjoy the whole movie, only compare certain scenes.
Each essay should reflect the concepts and ideas that we have used in our lessons and must be entirely in the students own words. The emphasis must be an aural observation of the music and how it relates to the film and not a description of the composer’s life. Do NOT include biographical material. Do NOT include historical material.

Sample Solution