As part of the requirements for the course Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Injury submit a term paper as described below.

Paper Format and Requirements – Students will submit a paper of 6-8 text pages (title page, abstract, references, etc. do not count as part of the 6-8 … sorry ’bout that) with a minimum of five primary (i.e. original research) references. Review articles may be used, but should not be counted toward the five primary articles.

The paper must be submitted in double-spaced, typewritten form with 1-inch margins on all sides. Place your title page as the last page (i.e. the front page will be your Abstract –

The title page of your paper should include only the (i) paper title, (ii) author’s name (that’s you) and, (iii) course number, course title, date, and instructor’s name (that’s me). The page following the title page should be a brief Abstract of about 200-250 words describing the purpose and major conclusions of your review paper. (Note: the Abstract should appear on a separate page, as a single paragraph, with the text of your paper beginning on a new page. Do not cite references in you Abstract.)

The format of the text should generally include (i) introduction and statement of purpose, (ii) review of literature on the topic, (iii) discussion of the results and their significance, (iv) summary and conclusion. This format may vary somewhat depending on your topic.

Speculation and independent thought and evaluation are strongly encouraged, based on what you read and discover. Mere regurgitation of facts will not receive highest credit.

Topic: A comprehensive comparison of ACL reconstruction techniques

Any tables should be typed neatly, each on a separate sheet with title above and any notes below. Explain all abbreviations. Refer to any Tables and Figures in the text. Any material taken directly from another source should be appropriately acknowledged. Graphs and drawings should be of high quality and appropriately and legibly labelled. Each figure should have a separate, fully explicit legend and all sections of the figure and all abbreviations and symbols used should be clearly defined. Figures may be presented in an Appendix at the end of the text or distributed throughout the text; your choice.

References – The articles and books you use as sources are to be listed alphabetically (by the first author’s last name) in a References section and numbered there beginning with "1". As references are cited in the text, refer to each citation by its number. The reference section should be typed double-spaced at the end of the text, beginning on a separate page, following the sample format given below. All journal titles should be spelled out. Complete information should be given for each reference including titles of journal articles, names of all authors and editors, journal name, date of publication, and inclusive pagination. Accuracy of reference data is the responsibility of the author.
"A" Paper

o Outstanding review of topic material
o Clearly written
o Extensive and incisive original/independent thought
o Follows required format precisely
o Few, if any, grammatical (including spelling and
punctuation) or typographical errors


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