Do we need a debate on the future of social policy in Australia

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Since Federation, Australia has searched for the right balance of social policies to enable all
Australians to have access to a basic standard of living. Australians believed in egalitarianism and

In 2018, looking from the outside in Australia both economically and socially would be seen as a
great place to live. However, the economic and social policies that have been put in place since the
mid-19805 have not benefited all.

The Australian Government has largely used the market to solve economic and social policy issues.
These approaches have increased inequality, and if we look at the United States, we can see if we
continue as we have there is potential to truly damage the social well-being of Australians.

The Australian media is raising the debate of change, promoting alternative approaches that we as a
society and our Government should consider if we still want to be known as egalitarian.



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