Guidelines for Writting my 500 words Essay
Essay Topic: A short essay – of about 500 words in English – giving reasons for applying for the OFID scholarship, explaining your educational goals, and clearly describing how you will use the experience gained from your master’s degree studies to help in the development of your home country.

important for OFID selection criteria: Must select a subject of study that pertains to OFID’s core mission, such as: economics of development (poverty reduction, energy and sustainable development), environment (desertification), or other related science and technology fields.

SO, I have chosen MASTER’S IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, this business field should be related to economics of development in Afghanistan. It is extremely important for OFID that the chosen field will bring meaningful change in the applicant’s country in terms of economics of development, reduction of poverty, diminishment of unemployment and so on.

giving reasons for applying for the OFID scholarship: you should have some information about OPEC or OFID scholarships and state that why this has impressed me, and I want to apply for this fund to finance my expenses of grduate studies. See the link for more info:
Please have a look at the link below to be able to provide important and interesting reasons to apply for OFID:

explaining your educational goals– Please Use a great amount of time to write this part of my essay explaining my goals specifically and relating them to the Core values of OFID and also add some educational goals which you feel will make me win the scholarship and is related to my field which is Masters in International Business; I honestly do not know what exactly I am going to do but this is what I think about: (Please Relate this to core values of DFID) I would like to serve as a Management and Financial Advisor to the Afghan Government and play a key role in controlling the financial affairs of Afghanistan to have an economically strong country. Also, contributing in examination of profit margins, improving domestic and international segments of the various projects being implemented in Afghanistan and expanding international business opportunities in Afghanistan.
Also, (Please Relate this to core values of DFID) My long term goal is to start my own organization which will focus on empowering Afghan women in business field by providing opportunities like professional development, capacity-building training, workshops and special programs which will certify that these trained women have necessary knowledge and skills to become future businesswomen and get good jobs in governmental, private and international firms. This will finally lead to the diminishment of unemployment women in Afghanistan. More precisely, my vision is to help Afghan women get employed and become financially independent.

clearly describing how you will use the experience gained from your Master’s degree studies to help in the development of your home country: please give some specific reasons in this part.

Please refer to below links to get an idea on how to convince OFID scholarship that my chosen field is going to contribute in economy development of Afghanistan:


Please Follow below Structure:
Since it is a formal essay, certain points need to be kept in mind:
Keep your sentences short, attractive and to the point.

1. Introduce the essay:
• Why are you applying?

2. What are your educational goals (briefly).
• Explain your educational goals: how are they helpful to you and you home country. Provide exact information about your aims and why you wish to pursue them.
In my case why I want to help women become financially independent? as I want them to feel equal, do not be treated as burden on their families and support their families to improve society and their standard of living and you can add more reasons too.

3. Describe how you wish to utilize the experience you will gain from your masters and put it to practical use.
• Write about how your experience matters when it comes to the core missions that are to be accomplished by your country- talk about economy growth/ poverty reduction/sustainable development/ smart lifestyles etc.
Please state how exactly studying master’s in International business is related to development in economy, sustainable development and betterment of lives of my people?

4. Provide arguments to support the above mentioned points.

5. Conclude:
• Make sure that you do not add any additional information to the conclusion, no matter how tempting it is. You need to simply conclude the essay. Brief the whole essay into 5-6 lines and end it.

Important Points:
Educational goals should be stated in an interesting manner so would you please try to think if you can be writing my thoughts or educational goals in an attractive manner and if you can add some more points regarding Women empowerment and my NGO?

Also, the essay should not have a typical beginning which is so obvious, so can you think of any hooks which can make it look less ordinary?

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